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Only place that's "private" any more... [11/3/11 1:34am]
So, tonight I've discovered that to get the guys falling over themselves for you, you need to:

a) have a boyfriend
b) be really melodramatic about the fact he live a whole two hours away
c) get really drunk and cry all over everyone
d) drape yourself over every boy within radius, no matter whether he's single or not.

Why did no one tell me this earlier?! I could've been working on a much more effective strategy than the one I have now...

[8/26/07 9:36am]
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Slightly random, but I thought it was funny! [8/15/07 11:32pm]
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[4/16/07 11:07pm]
Argh! I hate it that he does that, even though it's my fault that he can. I get myself all convinced that I'm fine and that I don't actually like him, I talk to him, or even just see him, and I'm reduced to a puddle on the floor. Slightly sick of it!

Ok, that's all I have to say for now

[1/26/07 8:48pm]
Just got rejected from Exeter. My first choice.

Wow, this feels crap.

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